Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please Recycle!

Lets recycle! If we don't our world will be ugly!
We can all take part no matter who you are, you can
make a difference! So don't hesitate to recycle your
plastic bottles. Love the earth, don't destroy it.
We can make a difference!

Amazing Sidewalk Art

Aren't these pictures amazing?! The artists are genius!
 It actually looks real!! I f you were walking in the street
and you saw something like this wouldn't you hesitate
 to walk over it? I know I would be a little scared. What
do you think? Tell me in the comments. Bye!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The earth is getting warmer and warmer each day. This is because of global warming. Global warming is melting the Polar Ice Caps. Oh no!!


Animals get caught in oil spills. Don't you feel bad for them?? This poor bird got stuck in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What do bees ACTUALLY do when your not looking?

Have you ever wondered what bees do when your not looking? That is a funny question, because if your not looking, how do you know? They may be pollenating, looking for flowers, or they may just be doing somthing else out of the many options. What do you think?


Trees have many leaves ( or at least most do.) And every leave leaves a waste product; oxygen. Every time we cut down the trees we make less leafs, therefore not having as much oxygen as we should.
Do the world a favor and re-use paper in any way, shape or form!